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Pierdrie DVD

An audio-visual collaboration by Marco Douma (visuals), Roel Meelkop (sound) and Rutger Zuydervelt (sound). Pierdrie was originally presented as an installation with three monitors and four speakers, at Hommes gallery in Rotterdam. It was translated to a live performance at the International Film Festival Rotterdam this year. And now you can bring Pierdrie to your home, ’cause we just released it as a DVD. Obviously, this version is adapted for one monitor, but if you have a surround sound system, the audio will be close to as it was in the installation. Of course there’s also the option to go for stereo sound.

The Pierdrie film deals with the Waalhaven harbour in Rotterdam. All video and audio material was captured at pier 3, which gives a fantastic view over the harbour. Despite the noisy, industrial surrounding, being on the pier can be an incredibly tranquil experience. Distant sounds are taken over the water, through the air, softening the clanging of heavy machinery to a immersive sound palette. The Pierdrie project is our attempt to translate our experience into an audio-visual work. More info at the Machinefabriek Bandcamp page.


Håkan Lidbo: grf_rmibht9 DVD

Inimitable Swedish producer Håkan Lidbo has recently completed an interesting approach to presenting a synched video project of his latest release grf_rmibht9. The DVD of the same name, a collection of twelve eye-popping video works, was crafted in collaboration with students of Berghs School of Communication (Stockholm). The results are truly something unusual, one of my favorites:

What’s more is that the user is encouraged to layer the tracks, all of which are in the same tempo and key, to create a mix of your own!