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Black City Teaser


Bleep (12k)

For over a dozen years now, Taylor Deupree‘s 12k label has been releasing quality abstract and minimal-electronics that “shift between the musical realms of gentle, pastoral ambience, dissonant noise collage and micro-techno”. Here’s a new sampler (only $4.99), for the uninitiated. This one is curated by artist and labelmaster Deupree, featuring an exclusive track put out by Bleep!

Marc Smith’s New Single

Producer Marc Smith‘s latest funky single (released in the heat of July) is Untitled 16 put out by San Francisco’s Untitled & After. Along with (DJ) Kevin Knapp on the track Hindsight blurs the lines between dub and swing for a wee hour sound. You can listen to what he does here. And once again they asked yours truly to create the cover art. Coming soon…

Mark Templeton – Safely Into March

Safely Into March
* Commissioned for Postcards From Gowanus exhibit

The latest ten-minute piece by Canadian composer Mark Templeton is a free download (courtesy of Bandcamp). Safely Into March is a hazy drone work. It’s sparked with late night post-bonfire crackle, and a wavy, inebriated allure. Tempered, a sense of place emerges – one of being lost in darkness, with glints of light through fog, cautiously knocking things over that make noise and jolt as it hastens the listener to paint a finite picture from its parts.


The Lady Blacktronika: Cover Art

My work dons the cover of the new single by the “first lady of beatdown” The Lady Blacktonika (aka Akua Marcelle Grant) coming out in the height of the Summer on Bay Area-based Untitled & After. These tracks are gonna be HOT!

ALuv Hate Us
BAnother Man (You’re On the DL II)

Fierce diva bustin’ loose.

Janek Schaefer’s “Childhood Memories”

This is a free download compilation of music mostly from the 30’s to the 70’s presented by Schaefer’s new Lucky Dip Disco. After collecting music for his own children’s ears here’s to the next generation! Before the dawn of synthesizers here we have music performed live, mostly on acoustic instruments. Transcribed from his own collection of 45’s, 78’s, LP’s, and online. Simple melodies and a great sense of warmth, naivety and nostalgia. He asks all to “Revel in it” and “Pass it on to your children and friends please…” The perfect album if you are 3, 33, 45, or 78 !