It’s a new year, and after completing a full decade (2010-2020) of reviews, interviews, essays and so much more the site formerly known as is now officially defunct, and will become an archive, parked here at We continue on with our weekly podcast, unphased, to continue pricking up your ears, and to focus […]

“I’ve recently started waking up early in the mornings. I like the stillness of this time of day. Here in the Southern hemisphere we’re moving into autumn. The light is changing. It comes with less intensity, but with more shadows. This past summer was distressing for Australia, so it’s a relief to be moving into […]

STIFF UPPER-LIPS: A collection of tracks dated 1977 through 2011 that sort of ‘speak to each other through time with poise and a wry attitude’. Don’t take my word for it, take theirs! Second glances not chances. Don’t fear the volume dial on this one. Bow Wow Wow – King Kong (1981)Adam & The Ants […]

Thirty-three is one of those magical double digits, odd-numbered dualities, referential to the longplay grooves of the ​33 1⁄3 rpm vinyl record platter otherwise referred as ‘wax’. We’ve come a long way in only a short five month period of time with this podcast, and we continue showcasing some of the most incredibly dynamic new […]

Thirteen first-track releases which continue the examination of rhythmic noise and tone, this is the third installment of Droneruary. – Saul Bleaeck Remora – RivinTwo Hands – WhirlwindCollection of Dead Souls – Bass demoUmbra Minor – 7C015 4132S2PBelial Pelegrim – ScorpiaLying Cat – And The Realisation Came That The Flies Were In Your MouthThomas Ragsdale […]

“Thanks to TJ at Toneshift for this opportunity. This is a pretty wide-ranging mix of both obscure and classic recordings from many artists I know personally and many more I admire from afar. This was an enjoyable exercise but challenging too, as there is seemingly no end to the stream of excellent work I’d like […]

BREAKING BOUNDARIES: Earlier this year we mentioned some of the artists invited to participate in the curated 2020 Guestmix Series — now Toneshift is extremely proud to announce the full roster for our podcast running every Saturday through the end of the year. With all the complexities of our fragile modern international world, sound still […]

IN THE NUMBERS: It’s 03/03, double digits as it were. So why not celebrate, for no reason. For the first time we are leading with not one, but three simultaneous podcasts, over three hours of new music from multiple continents! The moods may sway, but if you keep your ears open you will be transported […]

Sound artist Jen Kutler is one-of-a-kind. Her vision is wildly unorthodox and altogether experimental: “I use sounds and objects that are considered sexual or feminine and build interactive electronic media systems for performance to modify, re-contextualize and transform these materials. I look to explore the degrees of separation between the feminine and neutral, hyper-sexualization and […]

Episode Twenty-Nine is jam-packed to the brim with hallucinatory sonic bits and peculiar noise. While you may be unfamiliar with some of these artists we wouldn’t have it any other way when it comes to new releases that are merging from their own path on to the airwaves, even if it were originally recorded 65 […]

Our continuing series of tracks from the past returns. In this particular set of selections you might note some of the more significant contributors to the experimental field over the last several decades. Many of these tracks may not be instantly familiar, but together they become a bit of a newfound topography with patterns that […]

Today marks the official 10th anniversary of our tiny corner of the world wide web. Ten years after Y2K we came into being to serve only your sensitive ears. When I founded this site the concept was simply to capture an archive of a previous decade of freelance reviews I had written via Resident Advisor, […]

We are honored to present our latest Guestmix by Andrew Lagowski who has been making electronic music, evocative soundscapes and varying degrees of noise since the early 80’s. This also coincides with his birthday which is today! His selections are short but exceptionally honed in, including a sneak peek at a yet unreleased work of […]

02.22.20: In moving forward we pause to celebrate our first ten years as a media source for the best, brightest + most complex, challenging sound artists on the planet. The main focus in our first decade was primarily as a source for record reviews, and in-depth interviews. Over time tastes have meandered, social media has […]

This episode starts off like a hive-mind one step removed and finishes with a twist of mystical, warped, stream of consciousness. Most of what falls in-between, some in excerpted form, falls outside typical norms, and somewhere that is silky smooth and subliminal. What’s come over us? TRACKLIST Raphaël Panis – Fragment 2Oberlin – Eine kleine […]

TRACKLIST Benge – DecimalRafael Anton Irisarri – LuteciaMachinefabriek – Stillness #6 (Lemaire Channel, Antarctica)Fani Konstantinidou – RiseAndreas Dzialocha – IICeler – Cracks and an unpleasant scoffingANMA – Limbus Patrum Pt. 4Ida Toninato – Avant Les ForêtsT.R. Jordan – Rise AgainV-Stók – FloaterFennesz/Rosy Parlane – Live 2000 2Ruben Kotkamp – ett litet våldZoltan Fecso – Liquid […]

“I listen to music constantly, from the moment I wake until I go to bed. Trying to choose what sounds to include in such a compressed mix was a challenge until I simply thought, what have I listened to in the last days? So what you are hearing is an example of what I also […]

This episode includes more names that are not passed readily around in the kitchen table, but unlike condiments, they are acquired tastes. And with resounding bite, you too may want to sink your teeth (er, ears) deeply into the mix. We are excited to feature several labels like Unheard Records, Teranga Beat, Oigovisiones, Pomperipossa Records, […]

We have just finalized our selections for the entire 2020 Toneshift Label Spotlight monthly series. We featured Mikroton last month, Carpe Sonum drops this week and rounding out the roster includes the following dozen international imprints, each with two full one-hour long podcast volumes: JAN: Mikroton (Russia)FEB: Carpe Sonum (USA)MAR: Drone Records (Germany)APR: Touch Music […]

Here we open a new week, and hopefully your ears, by continuing to keep cool and somewhat collected. But what you don’t hear you may only imagine. Let’s keep it that simple. TRACKLIST Nurse With Wound/The James Worse Public Address Method – Suspific Hellibesque Of The Poagenbloke Matt Shoemaker – mercurial horizon one Imbued Vagary […]

Hailing from The Netherlands, the prolific artist/musician Rutger Zuydervelt, aside from his sound bending, is also a graphic designer. Since about 2006 he’s worked under the nom de plume of Machinefabriek. In case you missed it, we had the pleasure to interview him during our extensive series last year here. “Not exactly my first guest […]

DEUX: Here we go again. Contributor Saul Bleaeck (aka Hïdrō) is back with his new monthly series, the eponymous BLEAECK. The second show, titled Droneruary II focuses on various drones and other emissions. He’s featuring several outsider artists who will surprise your senses. Follow our podcast to keep up-to-date on a variety of new programming. […]

This is, I hope you don’t mind me saying, an extremely eclectic selection of works that were recently released while some are sneak peeks (er earfuls) slowly being rolled out between now and March. Enclosed are tracks that will beguile some, tease and taunt of distant pop, digital disturbances, edited field recordings and other radio-like […]

This week, as the Winter takes hold a chill show. We officially expand our weekly podcast from one half hour show into two full hour-long shows, Monday + Thursday. On February 22 we celebrate our 10th Anniversary online! If you like the expanded format let us know – follow, share, like, etc. ((( TRACKLIST ))) […]

“We used to be able to fly back before geography and ego” – Youth Speaks, female teen poetry slammer (Bay Area, 2004) This week our Guestmix comes from French sound artist Gaël Segalen whose latest work was reviewed back in November. She’s been on the front lines and out on the fringe for two decades […]

We move into uniquely wavy dimensions as our weekly show splits in two (starting next week). Here you may recognize some of the names, and others you may think you know, but at double-take you may want to think again, and again. These artists come from the world over, and each brings something a little […]

YOU ARE GETTING WARMER! Mother Nature has long been witness to how its inhabitants have treated her surroundings. With all that is going on in the elemental environment, we thought it was about time to take action. In the spirit of those who care, and to officially kick-off our 10th Anniversary online this upcoming month […]

This week our Guestmix comes from a talented gentleman from stateside here in the US. Not only has he produced a sophisticated discography of his own compositions and nuanced work, Rafael Anton Irisarri has also worked with countless fellow artists in the process of mastering some of the most outstanding releases this side of Y2K. […]