OUT OF PORTO: An incredible new release, years in the making, has just surfaced out of Portugal that celebrates experimental composition, inventive instruments and contraptions and the art of photography. The limited edition set (only 500), Disposofónicos: Acumuladores de Objectos Sonantes, is out via the good people of Sonoscopia, a cultural association in Porto. The […]

2020 IS NOT HINDSIGHT Though we are only twenty something days into the new decade, so much new music has surfaced already. And instead of pacing ourselves, it makes much more sense to share the wealth of these incredible international discoveries with you. We like to stay on our toes, and here to prove our […]

This is the third in our weekly Guestmix series, where a different artist will be featured every Saturday until the end of 2020! This week we welcome British Canadian multimedia artist Jamie Drouin to the program. He also runs Infrequency Editions, a label that is always worth a double take. His focus on soundtracks and […]

This is part two (of two) in our Label Spotlight of Mikroton. They continue to move into their second decade of publishing incredible compositions, electronic and improvised sounds sound artist, graphic designer and curator Kurt Liedwart remains steady at the helm, offering exciting challenging sounds. We hope you enjoy this curated selection of tracks. Remember […]

Mikroton is going into its second decade of publishing incredible compositions, electronic and improvised sounds. Founded and run by sound artist, graphic designer and curator Kurt Liedwart his vision seems both diverse and seemingly singular. When asked how he founded the Moscow-based label, like many other artists and self-starters he noted: “The main thing is […]

As we move into our third full month of podcasting, our programming has slowly begun to expand. Here you can hear some new works by some of the most progressive sound artists around. Tomorrow we debut our monthly Label Spotlight series with Moscow’s Mikroton, and on Saturday please tune in for our next episode in […]

In this episode of our random, and ongoing Origins series you can expect the unexpected, with some beats, puzzling additions, some quirky, some mathematical. This episode attempts to cover tracks released over the past four decades, with the intent of delivering something with a sense of ease and grace. If your ears are tickled why […]

Though the decade has just started, we have produced a number of shows, and new series, to assist in keeping you warm (or chill) through the seasons, depending on your own personal climate and mood. And while not ‘mood music’ per se, there is something for all ears in this batch. So why not crank […]

Italian sound artist Massimo Toniutti brings his eclectic sensibility to our ongoing Guestmix series (every Saturday in 2020). We fell in love with Black Truffle’s re-release of Il Museo Selvatico and it has since become one of my favorite records. Toniutti’s been exploring sound since the early 80’s and his extensive tracklist will give you […]

An itch to scratch. ONE-OFF: And now for something completely different. Here are just a few of my personal “Guilty Pleasures” – songs that, not for trying, you just can’t get out of your head! Like a personal mix-tape for the gym? For shadow dancing (shadow boxing?). Please pardon the intrusion, the minor flight of […]

For years I considered sound, in general, to be one of the more passive senses, except when engaged at a concert, or while curled up to a favorite record. Then I entered my early teens. Looking back, pot multiple decades, how naive I must have been. These days I find, even passive listening, to be […]

The twang and meandering tones here and there will put you into a new headspace, and we could all use that sense of shift, yes? With a new decade and all? Sounds from as far as Lithuania and Singapore, Portugal and Ireland, Norway and Germany. You have the whole world, in your ears! FOLLOW / […]

Contributor Saul Bleaeck (aka Hïdrō) kickstarts his brand-new monthly series, the eponymous BLEAECK. The first show, titled Droneruary focuses on various drones and other emissions. He’s featuring several outsider artists who will surprise your senses. Follow our podcast to keep up-to-date on a variety of new programming. TRACKLIST Primal Synapse: Empty Convenience Hotdag RollerRemora: weakness-strengthInnesti: […]

The new Label Spotlight series is coming. Beginning a little later this month and hosted throughout 2020 we will feature a different international label monthly – each presented in two half-hour volumes. We have the first quarter booked with some exciting, well established imprints that will continue to dazzle, baffle and otherwise saturate your ears […]

Kicking off Toneshift’s 2020 Guestmix Series is an incredibly talented duo, two free improv soundsmiths from the US capitol known collectively as BLK TAG. Their mix is deeply steeped in breaking traditions with all the subtle nuances that populate their regional scene and far beyond. They also created their guestmix as a very special dedication. […]

To kickstart 2020, a new decade, we are featuring: Stephane Garin & Jean Philippe Gross, Viv Corringham, Mike Weis, Zachary Zena Giberson, Will Guthrie, CEL (Felix Kubin & Hubert Zemler), Gintas K, 霉菌病 and Memorymusic. Also, watch for our new Guestmix series, every Saturday! LIKE | SHARE | FOLLOW | EMBED | RE-POST

Thomas Dimuzio | Sutro TransmissionsResipiscent (LP w/DL) I’ve been listening to Thomas Dimuzio for over two decades, and he was already making sounds for eleven years at that point – so it’s great to catch-up with one of his ear-quenching works for early ’20 release! After some tabulation, I think Sutro Transmissions is his eighth […]

Robert Ashley | Automatic WritingLovely Music (LP/DL) Lovely Music is finally presenting a reissue of Robert Ashley’s classic 1979 album Automatic Writing. A 45 minute-long piece exploring the subtlety of unintended vocal materials and a precursor of ambient music. Ashley was an American composer known for his efforts in the field of experimental music, including the use […]

My friends and fellow listeners, we have come to the end of 2019, and the end of another decade. We are headed towards the nu-roaring twenties now. This is a bit of a crossover episode of our weekly podcast which comes in a little late (due to being amidst the holiday season). We didn’t want […]

Northwest | IITempel Arts (CD/DL) Softly intro-ing, Wind opens the sophomore album from Northwest. Simply titled II, Mariuca García-Lomas’ throaty incantations parallel a wispy pedal organ.  ‘Here comes the wind from the northwest…’ and the resolute invitation to, ‘let the rain fall on your head…’ The eerie, nearly arduous beauty of the second track Winterland […]

Tomas Korber & Konus Quartett | AnschlussfehlerCubus Records (LP/DL) Listeners note, you may listen to track excerpts at the link just above. This singular thirty-eight minute work by Swiss electro-acoustic artists Tomas Korber & Konus Quartett is pure minimal indulgence (turn the volume up). The first few minutes, alone, includes gentles scraping sounds (like blown […]

Cut A Lonely Figure | In Sea, In Circles, In Concretepan y rosas discos (DL) The simplicity of chorus-effected guitar in the fading-in ripple that commences In Sea, In Circles, In Concrete by Cut A Lonely Figure after several measures is readily joined by a stereo-panning noise loop.  The four note walk-down and pop of […]

Ben Bennett / Zoots Houston / Fred Lonberg-Holm | Pinkie NoNotice Recordings (CS/DL) This trio brings a unique otherworldly sound thanks to Ben Bennett (percussion), Zoots Houston (synthesizer, objects) and Fred Lonberg-Holm (cello). It’s not classical, not quite jazz, in fact, instead, this is a breakdown of improv performance art via their charismatic instruments. Pinkie […]

mpala garoo | Vaya AdelanteShimmering Mood Records (CD/DL) Dark aural movements comprise Vaya Adelante by mpala garoo. Compliments a la Shimmering Moods Records, the trio delivers an album whose titular meaning is drawn from a letter of William S. Burroughs to Ginsberg.  Apparently, the beats were facing the identity crashing effects of mortality and Ayahuasca. […]

The Season Of Giving: This holiday season, as we move into our tenth anniversary year of programming we are evolving. Evolving into what you ask? Well, with our podcast taken off we have found a groove which we intend on planning to continue gliding in. Feeling blue this holiday? Spin our XmasMix. Starting in January […]