Aidan Baker | The Forever Tapes Broken Spine Productions (CS/DL) Guitarist and composer Aidan Baker has one of those discographies that make you feel tired when you examine the sheer girth of it. Known primarily for his work with ambient doom duo Nadja, Baker has traversed just about every cranny of the experimental and ambient […]

The Star Pillow | Music For Sad HeadbangersAidan Baker + Karen Willems | AwelAidan Baker + N | DoppelliveScatterwound | MNThissquietarmy + Dirk Serries + Tom Malmendier | Hell “A multiverse of ambient/drone” from Midira Records A handful of drone/ambient cookies in CD format, to be collectively reviewed. Albums that have connections one with another. […]

thisquietarmy | Unconquered 2008-2018 Midira Records (2xCD/DL) Celebrating its tenth anniversary, Canadian experimental guitarist/electronic musician Eric Quach aka thisquietarmy brings back Unconquered 2008-2018 with an additional disc of forty-five minutes of unreleased material. This is a big re-release for the artist’s o.g. debut as following in it’s trail in the coming month/s is Conquerer, a […]

Nadja Sonnborner (Broken Spine Productions/Daymare Recordings; LP/CD/DL) Released on September 7th it’s the latest from German/Canadian duo Nadja (Aidan Baker and Leah Buckareff) on the Broken Spine Productions imprint. They rally classically bent players Julia Kent, Agathe Max and Simon Goff to join them for the wild sonic ride that is Sonnborner. As the title […]

MAKING (+ Breaking) SOUND BARRIERS + TAKING NAMES!: Compilations are often a dime a dozen, ordinarily they are showcases for a label, and unless the material is exclusive to it, are a bit of a hard sell in general. Though, I always give them a spin, for context, for the hopeful discovery of hidden gems. […]