loscil | lifelikeFrond (CD/DL) Full of tenderly keyed minimalist melodies, the softly phrased tracks that fill Lifelike by Loscil explore flora, fauna, humanity and earthen structures.  The similes evoke various contemplations, primarily of material subjects.  From the onset, sweeping synths wash out understated electronic rhythms.  There’s just enough beat to hinge the ambiences with subdued […]

Here are two space-oriented experimental electro-ambient albums released in October.  One follows in November. While each graft rhythmic beats and melodic undulations, the three conceptualize space very differently.  Nonlin by Steve Hauschildt (released October 25) conveys a vacuum-effect at odds with nature’s patterned regenerations.  Released October 13th, Collecting Space by QST (Frans de Waard) presents […]

Simon Grab | Posthuman-SpeciesOUS (LP/DL) Swiss sound artist Simon Grab‘s latest is called Posthuman-Species is an aural double-take in ambient dub. In its own futuristic world, this comes alive with an irregular heartbeat and brazen (but smartly so) effects stolen from the notebooks of The Normal and Peter Baumann. We featured the edgy bloat of […]