John Butcher | Made to Measure self-released (DL) This late Summer release sizes up for multiple reasons. Made to Measure is self-released and name your price via Bandcamp comes the latest from London’s sax improvisor John Butcher. This is a short collection of a half dozen works (1998 – 2017) that were composed for particular […]

Sketchquiet | Flashbacks Gipsy House Recordings (CD/DL) The fledgling Texas imprint Gipsy House Recordings delivers their latest via their first offering on compact disc as well as Bandcamp’s ‘name your price’ – this work is by Brazilian artist Sketchquiet and it’s called Flashbacks. They describe it as “A mix of slow and ambient music with […]

On Friday: Stand with Bandcamp to Protect Voting Rights for All Though is in no way a political forum, we do believe in general fairness, especially when it comes to our unalienable right to vote. This is going to be an incredibly impactful midterm election period in the US, so it is refreshing to see […]

Jesse Woolston Variations Vol I (self-released; DL) This download-only EP by New Zealand composer Jesse Woolston recently came to my attention, as it’s ambient textures stand out, and it’s a rather perfect introduction to a relatively new artist who only has one other recording floating out there on Vènka Industries. Woolston is also an incredible motion-capture […]

Matthias Urban Passagen (Experimedia; CD/DL) After a few quiet years the innovative label who always puts quality ahead of quantity has recently released a limited edition cd (ed. of 300) and its complimentary Bandcamp download with Austrian sound artist Matthias Urban‘s Passagen. Starting with Studie I (Stabil) a simple buzz-tone increases and splits waves, it’s […]

In their first collaboration as a duo Portlander Marcus Fischer & Cambridge UK’s Simon Scott (Slowdive), both releasing separately on 12K, come together to Shape Memory. Out on June 1st in a CD edition of 500 as well as digitally via Bandcamp the two compose three tracks from tapes, cymbals, guitar and various electronics with […]

Just released is Instar by Chrystal Für (Chris Vibberts) on What Are We Records. Four lengthy, winding works, each between thirteen and seventeen minutes. On Zygote there is a quasi heartbeat at its core, rushing with a beaming pulse, orchestrated with a flourishing backdrop of outstretched harmonies that unfurl like wild vines. This ambient set uses […]

This one sneaks up on your ears, whispers and moves with pretty tones, and brushed crackle n’ hiss. For The Summer, Or Forever by Northern Ireland’s Halftribe, released on Russian imprint Dronarivm on May 18th, is seductively laidback. The muted tonality is complemented by an “on holiday” pace such as heard on Swimming Off That […]

GONE W/THE WIND: After receipt of the latest from a/v artist Simon Serc, it just so happens that wind is one of the natural/meteorological phenomena that fascinates me to all ends. I could listen to the sound of rain or thunderstorms for hours. On Bora Scura the field recordist presents an array of stunning heavy […]

Greek duo Martyria (Lena Merkouri, George Zafiriadis) recently delivered their self-titled disc rich with five smoky spirituals on Malignant Records. Didgeridoo and drone combines with silky lithe vocals in a soothingly inebriating mix on Pneuma. Available in digital and compact disc formats as well as clear vinyl via Hammerheart. It’s as if they took some […]

From Asia comes something new from Futurebum (Tristin Morin), the digital release of Tesseract Parietal. Just released on Underlying Themes Recordings at the tail end of February, it’s a nuanced ambient record with whispering voices as heard on the opener, Pythia. The initial atmosphere is timid and a bit of a darkened corridor. The artist shared […]

With Jamaican accents and a sleek brushed coating comes Rival Consoles latest,  London-based Ryan Lee West’s fifth full-length on Erased Tapes since 2009. After being intrigued by his 2011 effort Kid Velo, and confused by the less effervescent, extremely quirky Howl, it sounds as though Rival Consoles has found itself, a surefire stylistic voice, in […]

One of two new releases this month is Adrian Dziewanski‘s The Trail Loops Back from the NY art imprint Invisible Birds pairing up with British Columbia’s equally vibrant The Alcohol Seed. Inside his ninth recording since 2008 you’ll find a nicely styled, handmade lunar-like topographic cover art, glass mastered CD w/ chapbook (edition of 200, […]

Berlin-based Romanian artist Borusiade (Miruna Boruzescu) has just released her debut, A Body, on Cómeme. available as a digital album via Bandcamp as well as on LP (now sold out). The minimalism of the sinewy spot-lit cover art leads you into a curious collection of drone and an inventive found sound environment. On the opener […]

Transportation/Transformation: It’s an aural illusion of sine waves when you first put on this new record from David Lee Myers. Apparitions (digital download from Silent Records) runs about an hour over the course of nine tracks that are at once jarring, and curious (as heard on Phantasm). This eerie disquiet leads a thirsty foraging for […]

Out of Leeds comes Somta, and their sophomore effort, Aarde. The album is available to stream or download via Bandcamp, and I suggest you do. A spacious, non-contrived dark ambient collection of fifteen tracks, each ranging from 42 seconds to 7:03, that have a real street feel that eventually lifts off into the abyss. The […]