We have just finalized our selections for the entire 2020 Toneshift Label Spotlight monthly series. We featured Mikroton last month, Carpe Sonum drops this week and rounding out the roster includes the following dozen international imprints, each with two full one-hour long podcast volumes: JAN: Mikroton (Russia)FEB: Carpe Sonum (USA)MAR: Drone Records (Germany)APR: Touch Music […]

This week, as the Winter takes hold a chill show. We officially expand our weekly podcast from one half hour show into two full hour-long shows, Monday + Thursday. On February 22 we celebrate our 10th Anniversary online! If you like the expanded format let us know – follow, share, like, etc. ((( TRACKLIST ))) […]

Here are two space-oriented experimental electro-ambient albums released in October.  One follows in November. While each graft rhythmic beats and melodic undulations, the three conceptualize space very differently.  Nonlin by Steve Hauschildt (released October 25) conveys a vacuum-effect at odds with nature’s patterned regenerations.  Released October 13th, Collecting Space by QST (Frans de Waard) presents […]

Tune In + Turn On Your Ears! This week the podcast features a host of interesting new releases from labels like: Warm Winters, Flag Day Recordings, Makiphon, Smalltown Supersound, Morr Music, Ghostly, Pan Y Rosas Discos, Amek Collective and more. Check out the podcast and tracklist below + remember to Follow + Share us on […]