Episode Twenty-Nine is jam-packed to the brim with hallucinatory sonic bits and peculiar noise. While you may be unfamiliar with some of these artists we wouldn’t have it any other way when it comes to new releases that are merging from their own path on to the airwaves, even if it were originally recorded 65 […]

Sofie Birch | Island AlchemyConstellation Tatsu (CS/DL) Copenhagen’s Sofie Birch is just releasing Island Alchemy – a work of contemplation, and readiness. A euphonic spin incorporating striations of ambient washes, and unique timbral modulation for the deepest of listeners. Myg gently unfolds and overlaps upon itself, as if simmering after combustible steam has been released, […]

Celer | I Wish You Could Constellation Tatsu (CS/DL) It is virtually impossible to consider any work by Celer in complete isolation, such is the omnipresence of his musical output. With over 100 releases spanning a period of 15 years, there is some inevitable crossover between each work, and the composer has concocted such a […]

Liai Lili (Constellation Tatsu; CS/DL) This new tape from Chicago’s a/v project Lo Bise, here under the moniker Liai, comes from Oakland’s dynamic Constellation Tatsu. At under a half-hour this balances old school ambient with a bit of the new wave of electronics. Brunnen twinkles with a wink of nostalgic psychedelia. The sweet, twee melody […]

OCA Preset Music (Constellation Tatsu; CS/DL) Preset Music was recorded in Berlin by OCA, a duo comprised of Yo van Lenz and Florian T M Zeisig, and it’s one of the fresh Summer batch from Oakland’s tape imprint, Constellation Tatsu. From the very first note of HeavenCent you are straddling a 70’s new wave loopy […]