Zack Clarke | Mesophase Clean Feed (CD) Listen (Spotify) The follow-up to his Random Acts of Order (also on Portugal imprint Clean Feed) is the brand-new effort, Mesophase, from NYC pianist/composer Zack Clarke. The lineup is as follows: Zack Clarke: piano and electronics Chris Irvine: cello Charlotte Greve: saxophone, clarinet, flute Nick Dunston: double bass […]

Tender Buttons | Forbidden Symmetries Rastascan Records (LP/DL) The Bay Area has an afterglow with the latest minimal abstractions from Tender Buttons, Forbidden Symmetries (Rastascan Records). The trio creates an intersection between post-jazz and nu-classical, but bring their own blend of silences and cosmic effects to this record that includes two lengthy tracks, one per […]

Tantric Doctors is Sheffield’s free jazz man Adam Woolf and his new album Karesansui (Focused Silence) is now out on CD/DL. One single forty-five minute improvised track fueled at first by clarinet and stony silences, jerky percussion and dubs. The channeled static is effective in that it breaks the teetering charm of the horn with […]

FREE BASS: Excavations 1 is the new solo record by Chicago’s celebrated multi-instrumentalist Joshua Abrams expected to hit the streets on June 15 on Feeding Tube Records in a vinyl only edition of 500 (includes a digital download). A quasi homage to “the 50th anniversary of the recording of the first free bass solo LP, […]

HE BROKE THE RULES: One of the true legends of experimental jazz has passed this month, the man who nearly single-handedly helped define “Free Jazz” – Mr. Cecil Percival Taylor. May he rest in peace. The man was a pure extension of the keyboard, as if like the hands of Ganesha, an ecstatic practitioner of […]

A single track running for 39 minutes begins in ambient silences and plumes of drone suddenly reversing course in two minutes to a percussive noise machine. Bold, brash the boom crushes in this new release (4/30 official) on Moving Furniture Records (LP/CD/CS/DL) with Tartarus Records presented by the collaborative Dutch duo (trio, really) of Machinefabriek […]