Pascal Savy Dislocations (Experimedia; CD/DL) The album opens to a sphere of silences and a slow-growing distant harmony on The Slow Cancellation Of The Future. The UK-based French sound sculptor manipulates the time signature in a drone like cotton candy. It’s light, airy, voluminous, and translucent. It’s an emotive substratosphere unencumbered by anything but it’s […]

Jana Irmert Flood (Fabrique Records; CD/DL) Berlin-based intermedia artist Jana Irmert will release her Flood (in three parts) on July 20 via Viennese imprint Fabrique Records. Broken into Pt. 1: standing on breaking ice; Pt. 2: silence on a string + Pt. 3: the sound of the universe spinning this is a bit of a […]

Quest Tuesday Evening (DL) For Frans de Waard, this is as ambient as it gets, and it’s fairly pure in terms of genre. Quest is one of his projects born in the mid 90s to explore this form of transformative deep listening. The wavy synth and happy bird chirping illuminates a path, not unlike the […]

Asmus Tietchens + David Lee Myers Arcs (aufabwegen; CD/DL) Released back in January, we finally caught up with this striking collaboration from veteran sound artists Asmus Tietchens + David Lee Myers. Arcs is an album, a baker’s dozen of numbered tracks (Arcs 01-13) under the same title. This is the duo’s third shared recording (Flussdichte, Disco […]

Okzharp x Manthe Ribane Closer Apart (Hyperdub; 2xLP/CD/DL) Cape Town’s producer Okzharp and singer/artist Manthe Ribane have collaborated closely with filmmaker Chris Saunders on Closer Apart, the latest record just out on Hyperdub. The album begins with the watery interlude, W U @. Ribane’s vocal treatment is harmonic and jittery. As we are all bombarded […]

PJ Philipson Linotopia (Little Crackd Rabbit; CD/DL) This is the sophomore effort from Manchester’s PJ Philipson, both appearing on the LCR imprint, his last, which sold out, four years back. The guitarist has re-tuned his instrument here, finding inspiration in everything from linotypes to The Poetics of Space (Gaston Bachelard) to other formidable, senior composers. […]

Serpente Rituais 101 (Tormenta Electrica; CS/DL) This debut release, a four track EP, is brought to you from one of Lisbon’s active players, Bruno Silva, otherwise known as Serpente. The tape was just released by Brazilian startup Tormenta Electrica just a few weeks back in an edition of only 50, as well as digitally through […]

Claudio F Baroni Motum (Unsounds; CD/DL) This is the latest album from Argentinian composer Claudio F Baroni, a half dozen works for electronic quartet, organ and string quartet, broken into three long tracks. Motum begins with in CirCles II (Mov. I through IV), running for 36 minutes in its four-part cycle. It’s a quiet space, […]

Jodie Lowther & A.R.C. Soundtracks The Blow Volume 4 (Front & Follow; CS/DL) SPLIT/TAPE (not personality): As partly heard on yesterday’s radio podcast, transmitted from Italy, via the collaboration of x Uncertain Sounds, here we have a review, in full, of the latest split tape from Jodie Lowther & A.R.C. Soundtracks, The Blow Volume […]

Blanket Swimming Open Colour (Histamine Tapes; CS/DL) Mississippi sound project Blanket Swimming (Nick M.) has just put out their second release on this limited edition cassette (ed of 30) on Vermont’s slow-growing Histamine Tapes. It’s a dusty buzz Western guitar drone, layered with a slow-roasted harmony. Each track, Open Colour pts. 1-5 build on each […]

Fabio Perletta + Asmus Tietchens Deflections (aufabwegen; CD/DL) Asmus Tietchens, in my humble opinion, is by far one of the most underrated German composers of his era. Recording since the late 70’s the man has a discography a mile long, including multiple collaborations, like this one, with Italian field recording sound artist Fabio Perletta, he […]

precocious mouse Virginia Creeper (Threadneedle Community) BROKEN BEATS IN REVERSE: Just out digitally this week is the latest from Londoner precocious mouse (Caleb Wood), the second full-length since 2010 entitled Virginia Creeper. Opening with PGC/032673, this is deep and atmospheric, the heady and granular stuff that aural dreams are made of. I’m excited as this […]

Matthias Urban Passagen (Experimedia; CD/DL) After a few quiet years the innovative label who always puts quality ahead of quantity has recently released a limited edition cd (ed. of 300) and its complimentary Bandcamp download with Austrian sound artist Matthias Urban‘s Passagen. Starting with Studie I (Stabil) a simple buzz-tone increases and splits waves, it’s […]

Jeph Jerman Imbrication (Unfathomless; CD/DL) The latest from Arizonian Jeph Jerman comes in three formats, you can download this on Bandcamp, or you collect wither the hand-numbered standard edition CD or the special edition CD which comes in a neat cardboard packing – only 50 of these, and each one slightly different. The title infers […]

pinkcourtesyphone Romantic Threat EP (Line; DL) pinkcourtesyphone is not necessarily the softer side of Richard Chartier, quite the contrary. Don’t let the feminine mystique and hex-toned cover fool you, this is the funkier (though not so much here), more melodic alter ego of the man behind the Line imprint. The ep is a spin-off of […]

Chelidon Frame Left Bank (self-released; CS/DL) It’s definitely time to break out ye olde Walkman. This new tape, the third release from Milan’s Chelidon Frame, is one of the more enigmatic records this year. Eigenlicht is loaded with microscopic surface effects and perplexing tones, darkly moody. The ten tracks across Left Bank are bathed is […]

Tropic of Coldness Framed Waves (Glacial Movements; CD/DL) The album (out July 16), the duo’s third, begins with a slow-growing drone and a quiet, distant ring. Imagining a ‘tropic of coldness’ is like observing the overly exaggerated shifts in our own nature, and that which surrounds us. It is a dichotomy that is delivered in […]

Tunnels Of Āh Charnel Transmissions (Cold Spring; CD/DL) Smouldering drone with minimal creaks, builds so slowly on the latest from Stephen R. Burroughs’ project Tunnels Of Āh (since 2013). The album Charnel Transmissions opens with the bloated noises of Homage To The Landfill Dogs. There’s a whole lot of breathing electronics here, dark and sweltering atmospheres […]

Yiorgis Sakellariou in Aulis (Unfathomless; CD/DL) The Lithuanian-based composer made a pilgrimage to the Ancient Greek temple of Artemis in Aulis, Greece and this is what ensued. At first the extremely faintly audible granular rumble may have you immediately popping on a pair of headphones, but at about two minutes into this 43 minute singular […]

Ben Chatwin Staccato Signals (Village Green; LP/CD/DL) Transmitting today is the latest from Scottish composer Ben Chatwin. Staccato Signals is his sixth full length release, and it packs a whole lot of swelling mood into a singular package. This is contemporary classical driven via electronics, soaring sky high on Silver Pit. The arrangements of several […]

Benjamin Mauch Discorporeal (Flag Day Recordings; CS/DL) Starting with a static-infused harmony, like a broken radio signal with an overlapping ambient track playing Blue Jaunte kicks off the latest tape from, his third since 2016.  It’s a pleasant layered distortion perfectly depicted in the pixelated coverart by Flesh & Bone. The carnival colored tones generated […]

Montreal-based Parisian Ana Dall’Ara-Majek is releasing her breakout album, Nano-Cosmos on Empreintes DIGITALes (CD/DL). The label has been producing high quality records back to 1990 and often remains coolly under-the-radar often celebrating some of the best French Canadian electroacoustic music work, paralleling anything out there. Dall’Ara-Majek is also one half of the multidisciplinary duo Jane/KIN […]

Geophonic Records has released the latest ambient record from Aperus (Brian McWilliams) entitled Lie Symmetry (CD/DL). With the additional mastering assistance of Ron Sunsinger, Jan Roos and Jason Goodyear the recording took two years to complete. The eight tracks kicks off with VLA 1, and we are in a hollow tunnel with low range drone […]

A self-titled debut filled with the manipulated field recordings of San Francisco artists Only Now & Orogen (Kush Arora and Lucas Patzek) is now out on Discrepant/Sucata Tapes (Cassette and Digital formats). These guys admit they’ve been inspired by Zoviet France, Brume, Lustmord, Alio Die, and Hafler Trio. Since I’ve worked with, or reviewed these […]

Cocoon kicks off Womb, the latest underwater record from Stockholm composer Kajsa Lindgren (Hyperdelia; LP/DL). With tape hiss, and tiny rustling, the sound here is somewhat unsettled, it’s buoyancy not initially apparent. It stays within short range on the minimal The Garden, and builds a cascaded synth wall that could likely be shielded from all […]