Thirteen first-track releases which continue the examination of rhythmic noise and tone, this is the third installment of Droneruary. – Saul Bleaeck Remora – RivinTwo Hands – WhirlwindCollection of Dead Souls – Bass demoUmbra Minor – 7C015 4132S2PBelial Pelegrim – ScorpiaLying Cat – And The Realisation Came That The Flies Were In Your MouthThomas Ragsdale […]

2020 IS NOT HINDSIGHT Though we are only twenty something days into the new decade, so much new music has surfaced already. And instead of pacing ourselves, it makes much more sense to share the wealth of these incredible international discoveries with you. We like to stay on our toes, and here to prove our […]

Selvedge | Don’t Sweat Infinity (Wormhole)Jack Hyde | Lowlands (Whitelabrecs)Danny Scott Lane | Memory Record (Shimmering Moods) Falling as briskly as the dried multicolored leaves, three ambient records for mid November have arrived, and they are each intricate and lofty in their own right. These each are solo works (US + UK) and appear on […]