Eleh | Living SpaceTouch (CD/DL) Housed in a gorgeous jewel of square packaging that opens to various aquatic shades, this is the latest from Eleh with his first new output on Touch in nine years, though his work has been represented by other fine labels (Important, Line…) over the course of the intervening years. And […]

Lau Nau | AmphipodaRimbarimba | Sea, Shore, See, SureLongform Editions (DL) Longform Editions styles itself as a ‘collective for deep-listening’, which admittedly sounds a lot cooler than a ‘label that releases quite long pieces of music’. The range of artists they have on board is impressive, consisting of a plethora of both the well-known and […]

扎克 | 扎克 Past Inside the Present (CD/DL)   The debut self-titled 扎克 comes in a limited edition of only one hundred tapes. These four tracks (that roughly translates to ‘Zach‘) are separated into vignettes, running about forty minutes and contain evocative drone work, from the faint abyss to luminous, jettisoning abandon. Radiance purrs of […]

Tomas Nordmark | Eternal Words Valley of Search (LP/DL) The debut vinyl from London-based Swedish sound artist Tomas Nordmark (mastered by Chihei Hatakeymama) has just arrived. It’s bright, icy, a bit twee from the opener, Eternal. Though like the minimal cover art in shades of blue, Eternal Words has a bright and a shady side. […]

Fabio Orsi | Sterminato Piano Backwards (LP) Italian imprint Backwards is just releasing the latest from Berlin-based Fabio Orsi in a limited vinyl edition on bright orange wax. This is noteable, not just because of the Miami vibes coming off of the sumptious cover art, but moreso due to the unusual change in overall tonal […]

The 7th Plain (Luke Slater) | Chronicles I-III A-TON (LP/CD//DL) Luke Slater (here as The 7th Plain) is a household name to most rave/techno devotees of the 90’s into the present. Chronicles is an epic project, perhaps Slater’s cosmic alt persona focused on more emotionally charged work as “a response to those hallucinatory, spiritual, but […]

Styrofoam | We Can Never Go Home Sound In Silence (CDR/DL) Out on Grecian label Sound In Silence is the latest from Belgian electronic artist Styrofoam (Arne Van Petegem), his first release in eight years, We Can Never Go Home.  These eight new tracks kickstart with the softened videogame vibes of Fully Present. It’s a […]

Cluster Lizard | Prophecy Prostir (CD/DL) Cluster Lizard is the duo made up of regular Kvitnu collaborators Kateryna Zavoloka and Dmytro Fedorenk which becomes their second official release, Prophecy. From the metallic glean of the cover to the twisted synthetic drone vibes of the content, this one sticks out in a crowded field this month. […]

Aux Field Square Landscapes (Kotä Records; LP/DL, 8/3/18) Tbilisi-based sound producer Rezo Glonti (aka Aux Field) releases his first LP, second full recording under this moniker after his debut, Imaginable Layers (2015, Umor Rex). Though he’s been recording and releasing (under his own name) since 2010 Glonti decided to write a sound-based love letter to […]

GOT DATO?: This quirky instrument, built in the Netherlands, is a sight to behold, that makes sounds that are strangely quirky and retro. What’s even more fun, is that the controls are set up as a two-sided console so it’s not all just flashy lights and colorful buttons, it’s a plug-n-play synth that will encourage […]