This episode starts off like a hive-mind one step removed and finishes with a twist of mystical, warped, stream of consciousness. Most of what falls in-between, some in excerpted form, falls outside typical norms, and somewhere that is silky smooth and subliminal. What’s come over us? TRACKLIST Raphaël Panis – Fragment 2Oberlin – Eine kleine […]

Maeror Tri (1988-1997) was the prior identity to work by Stefan Knappe (Baraka H), Martin Gitschel (GLIT[s]CH) and Helge S. Moune – Knappe and Gitschel would continue on as Troum, who are still quite active. Their prolific brand of ambient/drone is one of the unsurpassed in the field and it took the incredibly ept Polish […]

Monocube & Troum | Contemplator CaeliTransgredient Records (LP/DL) A first time collaboration between Andrzej Gladuszewski (Monocube) and duo Martin Gitschel and Stefan Knappe (Troum) that at first sounds like a space shuttle landing in a Bavarian village where the essence of folk music effervesces as ginormous engine thrusters enter new territory. There’s a disturbance in […]

Troum & Various Artists | Transformation Tapes Transgredient (CDx2/DL) Celebrating twenty years as Troum (Martin Gitschel and Stefan Knappe) Bremen’s incredibly prolific Glit[S]ch and Baraka[H] (formerly known as Maeror Tri), here employ a huge cast of amazing fellow artists who, in their unique way, interpret/adapt, sample and otherwise deconstruct the duo’s work. The results range […]

TROUM Sigqan Drone Records Broken into three parts Sigqan is the latest release by the Bremen-based duo known as Troum and it is one lush affair. Filled with velvety drones that pass throughout like undulating bodies floating in slow-motion under water. Perhaps it simply invokes the guise of cinema in some subconscious way? The quieter […]