New from RAIC. Happy Birthday John Cage!

Today marks the 107th anniversary of the maestro’s birthday, yes we honor the memory of Mr. John Cage long after his passing in the early 90s. I was very fortunate to have met him briefly at an exhibition of his two-dimensional work (including drawings and leaves as collage. Tomorrow also marks the release of RAIC‘s Chance Operations which I had the fortunate opportunity to collaborate on the photographic work seen throughout the two-disc set that includes a twenty-piece ensemble for this project (made in Richmond, VA). The Bandcamp is up-n-running and this stunning genre-defying set of compositions is produced by Blight Recordings.

Check it out, and let me know what you think!

Images from TJ Norris’ Urban Juxtaposition series (2018-2020)

Chance Operations was inspired by John Cage’s “Silence.” RAIC often brings together musicians who normally would never play together. For Chance Operations, twenty musicians from a wide range of backgrounds- jazz, rock, noise and world music, some with backgrounds in improvisation and some without – came together at Etching Tin Studios in Richmond, Virginia. The musicians’ names were written on different ping pong balls and then placed in a sealed container. In a separate container were balls with the number for the ensemble ranging from a duet to a sextet. “First we would randomly decide by chance how many people would be in a particular ensemble,” said Samuel Goff. “If a quartet was decided, we then went to the other container and drew out 4 names. At times I was scared this might turn into a disaster, but it worked beautifully. We ended up with 21 songs featuring 20 different musicians. And with the different and often opposing backgrounds of the musicians we got a vast array of genres.”

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