Kajsa Lindgren | Distorted Worlds | Hyperdelia (DL) w/Felicia Atkinson, David Granström, Stefan Helmreich/Eva Hayward, Teresa Winter Stockholm’s avant composer and field recordist lets out something of an extension of her recent ‘aquasonic’ Womb release which we covered here. This quasi remix EP includes four tracks, each taking off from this vantage point, and deriving their […]

Map 71 | Void Axis Fourth Dimension Records/Foolproof Projects (CD/DL) Brighton duo Lisa Jayne and Andy Pyne known as Map 71 is one of those obscure gems that falls between experimental electronics and old school new wave/spoken word, and again I am breaking the rules outside of exclusive instrumental here. Void Axis is their sixth […]

Sonae | Wearing Black Remixes Monika Enterprise (DL) The four-track Wearing Black Remixes EP follows Sonae‘s dreamily experimental electronic full-length I Started Wearing Black released earlier this year, in follow-up to her 2015 debut, Far Away Is Just Around The Corner. On these four pieces the Cologne-based sound-bender has invited four interesting artists, Lucrecia Dalt, Electric […]

Olivia Block | 132 Ranks Room40 (CD/DL) I first heard of composer Olivia Block in the early 00’s when she was collaborating with Seth Nehil on the risk-taking Sedimental imprint. In the ensuing years, this here is her thirteenth record on Room40, either solo or collaborative, and her sound has only become more robust than […]

MSMiroslaw | Organes de la Voix Trasponsonic (CDR) Subtitled Chants Funèbres pour AHYHW this was recorded inside a nuraghe (a megalithic megalithic edifice found in Sardinia) using only voice (or in this case, organs for the voice). The indulgent echoes fill the space in this definitively ritualistic-style dark ambient record filled with reverb, smoke and mirrors. […]

Joaquín Gutiérrez Hadid Sustain (Line; DL) This three track full length by Argentine artist Joaquín Gutiérrez Hadid will be out on August 30th. It’s quite invisible at first, but el dorado slowly opens with a wee twinkle of electronic shimmer and a few pops. Clocking in with a running time of nearly twenty minutes the […]

Caterina Barbieri Born Again In The Voltage (Important Records; LP/DL) Over four tracks and about thirty-seven minutes sound artist Caterina Barbieri takes us on a sweet synthetic spin, a wild card of electro-acoustics.  For vinyl lovers this will be a treat as you can get the standard edition or the sexy translucent yellow vinyl (only […]

Liai Lili (Constellation Tatsu; CS/DL) This new tape from Chicago’s a/v project Lo Bise, here under the moniker Liai, comes from Oakland’s dynamic Constellation Tatsu. At under a half-hour this balances old school ambient with a bit of the new wave of electronics. Brunnen twinkles with a wink of nostalgic psychedelia. The sweet, twee melody […]

BJ Nilsen Focus Intensity Power (Moving Furniture Records; LP/DL) Released in a limited edition of 300 via vinyl on August 24, the latest from BJ Nilsen, the Swedish sound artist and field recordist based in Amsterdam, harnesses a powerful new sound. Opening with the fifteen minute Beam Finder, a wavering sound field emerges. This is […]

Nadja Sonnborner (Broken Spine Productions/Daymare Recordings; LP/CD/DL) Released on September 7th it’s the latest from German/Canadian duo Nadja (Aidan Baker and Leah Buckareff) on the Broken Spine Productions imprint. They rally classically bent players Julia Kent, Agathe Max and Simon Goff to join them for the wild sonic ride that is Sonnborner. As the title […]

Bonini Bulga Sealed (Cyclic Law; CD/DL) Swedish sound-bender Pär Boström, here as Bonini Bulga, re-releases + expands his debut of 2017 (originally a self-released tape on Hypnagoga Press). In the hands of Cyclic Law the recording of Sealed is now minted into a limited run on CD (500 copies) with three more tracks (now running […]

Hilde Marie Holsen Lazuli (Hubro; LP/CD/DL) Out this week is the sophomore effort from trumpeting sound sculptor Hilde Marie Holsen on the Norwegian Hubro imprint after 2015’s Ask on the same label. Composition and improvisation of live processed trumpet merge and detract for a resulting experimental record that runs for about thirty-four minutes over four […]

Jason Lescalleet Almost Is Almost Good Enough (Glistening Examples, CD/DL) From a certain vantage point New Englander Jason Lescalleet seems like an intense guy. This new recording was originally released in a limited edition of 100 hand-numbered tapes to be distributed at live performances last year, but now Almost Is Almost Good Enough gets a […]

Lance Austin Olsen Plato’s Cave (Infrequency Editions; CD/DL) I’ve been following this British Columbian label since their inception back in 2001 and have always found their output to have resilience and artful restraint. One of two recent releases is this twenty-seven minute work by one of the imprint’s stalwarts, multimedia artist Lance Austin Olsen. Since […]

Howard Stelzer & Frans de Waard The Rebels Fold Scratchy, Relaxed Meanings Into Their Smallest Actions (Park 70; CS/DL) This is an interesting premise for another collaboration by these two venerable experimenters, a recording that blends parts and pieces from their many collaborations over two decades. What’s more, they entrusted a Knoxville-based start-up, cassette-only imprint […]

The Subdermic Morphology (Opal Tapes; CS/DL) On the new tape from The Subdermic (Lilly Phoenix) a half dozen unique new tracks emerge. Her sound is hesitant, emerging on Ballet Of The Sutures at first. The quirky synths seem to pop up and dive like a video game where characters vanish behind panels, doorways, manholes. With […]

Aux Field Square Landscapes (Kotä Records; LP/DL, 8/3/18) Tbilisi-based sound producer Rezo Glonti (aka Aux Field) releases his first LP, second full recording under this moniker after his debut, Imaginable Layers (2015, Umor Rex). Though he’s been recording and releasing (under his own name) since 2010 Glonti decided to write a sound-based love letter to […]

Ilia Belorukov Nobody Ever Escaped From There (Moving Furniture Records; CD/DL) Saint-Petersburg-based musician Belorukov begins Nobody Ever Escaped From There with a moderately low reverb pulse on At His Side Was Someone, the first of four long tracks. He often plays sax, but here we have a sparse electro-acoustic-only minimal work that’s more like a […]

Ajna Lucid Intrusion (Cyclic Law; CD; DL) The third eye chakra may be watching, at least by way of New York’s Ajna (Chris F) who has been making atmospheric records for a decade now. Lucid Intrusion (out 8/6) on Berlin imprint Cyclic Law is my introduction to his work and though it’s broken into nine […]

Salis / Sanna / Pili Choke (Plus Timbre; DL) Since 2014 Greek net-based imprint Plus Timbre has been releasing experimental, improvisational music. On Choke the Italian duo of Giacomo Salis + Paolo Sanna work with Sardinian artist Stanislas Pili to form a percussive trio for the first time. The recording consists of four pieces numbered […]

Ross Khmil Suburban Lights (Hellscape Records; CS/DL) Kiev-based Ross Khmil has been twisting knobs and plugging in wires for the last few years, and has delivered a most unusual tape in the form of Suburban Lights. The release includes a half dozen tracks each running on average at about nine minutes, so you get a […]

Luca Sigurtà & Sergio Sorrentino Naked Brunch (Flag Day Recordings; CD/DL) Released tomorrow Naked Brunch brings together the Italian duo of guitarist Sergio Sorrentino and electronic artist Luca Sigurtà. The two have added tapes and loops to their mix and this half dozen tracks are a unique blend of breathy atmosphere and sizzling surprise. You […]

Gruth Laments (Tormenta Electrica; CS/DL) The sophomore effort from São Paulo-based Gruth (Juha Puuperä) is the latest tape Laments (released 7/31). Consisting of two lengthy tracks, one per side, with a running time at just about 50 minutes, Lament I is composed entirely of the processed violin of fellow Finnish collaborator KuJo. This pairing has […]

Claudio Parodi Right Error (Migro Records; DL/USB ‘Circuit Board’ CD) Housed inside a simple clear CD jewel case is an edition of only 100, it’s Claudio Parodi‘s Right Error on a USB that’s hidden inside a CD designed by Vincent Oliver to look like a circuit board. The design is a spectacularly sly innovative deceptive […]

Nils Quak Form Phallus Function (Otomatik Muziek; CS/DL) For his twenty-fourth solo release Germany’s Nils Quak seems to be up to something a bit mischievous. The tape (of which there are only 40) is broken into a trio of tracks ranging in length from 11 to 25 minutes, starting with the opener, L’eclisse (translated: the […]