All Will Perish by Crows Labyrinth

Crows Labyrinth| All Will Perish

“A cathartic feed of minimally monolithic ambient”

Well, this is a very interesting case. Crows Labyrinth aka Theo Tol, hailing from the Netherlands, is making astonishing ambient music in a unique and personal way!

Crows Labyrinth’s second full length ventures in the same path as his first. Tol creates his soundscapes from a bass guitar, effects and lots of experimentation. It is truly unexpected what this combination of tools can actually do, nothing less than accomplished and solid ambient music, dragged to the fullest extent possible.

In the beginning, the title is a straightforward statement, a heavy existential deed. Plato came into my mind: Philosophy is the study of death, he said, and he meant that the sole purpose of life is death. A brutal fact. Every living creature, human and otherwise, everything that is born, will eventually perish. All Will Perish is a sonic research on destruction, on the evident death and the absence of hope. Leaning towards the darker spectrum of ambient, but without being thrifty in pushing into a more lightened sound work. A cathartic feed of minimally monolithic, abstract, resonant chunks of mesmerising moments, clocking in at 86 minutes.  

Compositions based on multi-layered structures merge, a place where everything lays and unfolds, in a circular pattern; each of the ten pieces revolving around a fundamental idea. Crows Labyrinth’s ambient conception is traditional. You will not hear any extremities; this album places itself in the middle margins of the genre. Quite dark in essence, without bleakness. There is simplicity and there is motion, together with an overly introvert enumeration. Something evolves within and with a fatality, explodes into the whole!

A CD edition, limited to 100 copies. This version includes the Consolation EP, previously available only as digital download.

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