Disposofónicos: Sound + Vision

OUT OF PORTO: An incredible new release, years in the making, has just surfaced out of Portugal that celebrates experimental composition, inventive instruments and contraptions and the art of photography. The limited edition set (only 500), Disposofónicos: Acumuladores de Objectos Sonantes, is out via the good people of Sonoscopia, a cultural association in Porto. The project under the artistic direction by Gustavo Costa and Henrique Fernandes comes with this gorgeous book, housed in a sleek outer box, and the full-color coffee table-sized hardcover book has a series of stylish pictures of objects, graphics and live images, along with a set of four CDs, a vinyl LP and printed images suitable for framing. What you will hear are entrancing lengthy passages of abstract and delicate compositions, with a dramatic flair.

The organization behind this is focused on interdisciplinary hybrids – here specifically on works out of the United States, Lebanon, Japan, Tunisia and the United Arab Emirates. The entire publication is translated bilingually between Portugese and English. I highly recommend taking a walk through their many works to become better acquainted with their broad visionary scope. This is contemporary musique concrète at its absolute finest, mixed with field recordings and experimental compositions cross genres with a nearly indescribable sense of grace and complexity.

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